There is no such thing as "free speech"; somebody somewhere has to pay for it.

This forum is my sandbox. If you want to play in my sandbox, you can, maybe, if I let you in. But if you start to throw sand, then it's not good, and you can no longer play with me here in my sandbox.

If you feel like you have to be an * * * by throwing sand -- well, you know you can't play with us.

Added: March 26, 2023 08:47:22 PM
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Post denied. Perfect example of how Jbs forum does not have to provide nor protect your free speech. However you can feel free to post such things on a government site. They can’t deny or delete your speech simply for being inaccurate. They can’t even delete it if they don’t like it. Well that said- our mayor isn’t supposed to delete content just because he doesn’t like it. Hope to at helps. Tjh.

I think JBs sleeping. Give me some time to sort through posts guys. Lee it clean and local. Try not to beat a dead horse. Thanks for understanding. Have a great day. It’s beautiful out here.

Added: March 26, 2023 01:29:17 PM
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Send your source or documents to demonstrate accuracy of post. I would agree election years change a politician. Let’s hope you are correct. Tjh

Added: March 26, 2023 01:24:24 PM
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Sometimes insults are needed when you are dealing with smugness for those who feel because they invented the internet, just because they went down a far right rabbit hole on the internet.

But thanks for cleaning up my language...I don't possess the tact that you do.

Added: March 26, 2023 01:21:45 PM
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Son of a biscuit. Schitz and all the other words that mean the same but aren’t so obviously vulgar will fly ..(I think). Tjh

Added: March 26, 2023 01:19:24 PM
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I edited your post to remove the insult to constitutional notice-other than that its a copy paste.

You are correct. No point in debating. Constitutions and Bill of rights protects citizens from government - It is state and federal law that protects citizen from citizen or citizen from business or business from business. It can be confusing for some especially because there are civil rights law that have basis in the constitution. thank you for your post. tjh

for others whos post has has not been shared- satire is fine - but vulgarity is not. try wtf.... or arse...or anything. I get that many are upset with Bobs panic attack and drama but Jb likes the keep the site generally free of four letter words. tjh

Added: March 25, 2023 09:56:13 AM
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Just abide by the same standards that retailers have to display so jagoffs like will wear a shirt and shoes in their establishment.

We've legislated this to death with the backer not having to bake a cake for homosexuals.

Indiana gives a lot of flexibility to how they govern businesses. Businesses have a right to set their own standards.

Now. Stfu, put your mask on and let the capitalism businesses do their job.

PS. Indiana doesn't observed KY constitution.

Added: March 25, 2023 09:43:58 AM
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WOW just WOW

Added: March 25, 2023 08:17:53 AM
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For those of you who are pushing for another mask mandate, let me give another reason as to why Nortons cannot mandate masks.

Indiana Constitution Article 1; Section 1. Inherent Rights
WE DECLARE, that all people are created equal; that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that all power is inherent in the People; and that all free governments are, and of right ought to be founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and well-being. For the advancement of these ends, the people have, at all times, an indefensible right to alter and reform their government.

MAXIM OF LAW: The deprivation of any rights may be punished.

Indiana Constitution Article 11; Section 13:
Corporations, other than banking, shall not be created by special act, but may be formed under general laws.

Please take Notice that Norton Healthcare is a creature of the state and strictly bound by the Indiana & Kentucky Constitution and Corporate Charter which further binds all their actions. The People created government and granted authority to the Indiana Legislature for the creation of corporations. Indiana's Lawmakers, Trustees, and servants cannot grant authority to corporations that they never possessed themselves, nor were they granted authority to regulate the Private lives, health, faith, and liberty of the People. All power is inherent in the People and they do not fall under the statutory administrative jurisdiction of any Executive order, mandate, directive, ordinances, or rules. If ANY Entity, Agency, or corporation believes they have the right to violate the Peoples Inherent rights please show the Indiana Constitutional provision which grants such authority.
A) A delegated power cannot be again delegated.

B) Power can never be delegated which the authority said to delegate never possessed itself.

C) The derivative power cannot be greater than the original from which it is derived.

D) The government is to be subject to the law for the law makes the government.

MIRANDA V. ARIZONA, 384U.S.436 (1966) {491}

"Where rights of the constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them."

BLACKS LAW 4th Edition:
Corporations are "persons" in the Federal government as stated in the 14th Amendment. Corporations are "citizens" in the state in which they were created.

And since Nortons was created in Kentucky it would be worth mentioning.
Kentucky Constitution Corporations Section 205:
Forfeiture of Corporate Charters in Case of Abuse or Detrimental Use
The General Assembly shall, by general laws, provide for the revocation or forfeiture of the charters of all corporations guilty of abuse or misuse of their corporate powers, privileges or franchises, or whenever said corporations become detrimental to the interest and welfare of the Commonwealth or its citizens.

It would behoove ALL public entities to play nicely within their Constitutional and Charter box.

Added: March 24, 2023 09:11:49 PM
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Maybe the people who work at city hall should start participating in the active shooter drills with the grade school children?

Added: March 24, 2023 04:00:22 PM
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