ELKS building.

Yes the Elks building has sold- yes it was Crusifili but the name is under a business name not her & her husband's name. That is not an uncommon practice & is often used to limit personal liability & protect ones home & retirement from possible legal action. Her decision is an excellent choice for a property development project from a business point of view. This post is meant to convey that I & many others join the majority of the community in a collective sigh of relief that someone is finally going to attempt to do something with the burned out building. However, attempts to cover the fact that the new owners may receive tax money to help finance their project has been met with great disappointment & in some cases anger. Perhaps there is no covert effort to shift city tax dollars, TIF dollars or even stellar (state) tax dollars to the project. We will keep you informed. Until then- this is good news.

The Tack Factory sale is/was to close shortly despite its contamination. Yes, there have been letters sent opposing putting a low income multi-residential unit in a neighborhood that has worked hard to improve their area quality of place. It is just as likely that your local dollars acquired by the "redevelopment commission" will be used to help this project. And yes, everyone knows that low income housing is not economic development; we also know it was neither fair nor nice to not at least consult area residents before adding a large low income unit in their neighborhood.

The falsification of transcripts & altering of school records continues and it continues with the knowledge of the interim superintendent. The reason the state did not take official action against the first filling was because the grade alteration was & remains "institutionalized" meaning the school board, principals & teachers knew and/or participated despite knowing such behavior was unethical & illegal. An exploratory committee is being formed to evaluate possible candidates for the upcoming 2018 fall school board election. This is new information & JB has asked we follow the committee closely & work with them as they attempt to review & recruit possible candidates. I will post contacts names of members in the event any reader wishes to consider a run for school board & would like to speak to the committee. I am told this committee has funding to support "qualified candidates". So far the only qualification that I have heard is "Don't be like Joyce Imel". I am sure there are more or at least hope so.

I too hear rumors the republicans are considering what has been described as one of the best choices they could ever make to fill the vacant city council seat. I'll believe it when I see it. I have heard several names. Lets hope the local GOP chooses well.

Larry Henry attended last nights public meeting (some call "dog and pony show" others "Cooks scam")None the less, I'll ask Larry to convey his understanding of the evenings events & comments. On a positive note all 3 county commissioners were present. Commissioner Schafer asked an important question about funds being taken from the county budget for the TIF zone. The tif zone is meant to spur economic development- but the new proposed zone does not include the downtown industry & manufacturing properties.

Thank you for all the texts, emails and phone calls. Have a great day everyone.