blind eye : yes we should be able to discuss important issues especially the epidemic of sexual violence raging through the country as well as our community. I've sent Jb some data from the CDC; it's 5 years old but a very reliable source. Probably what makes it hard to have public discussions is that the topic causes great emotional reactions & increase resentments & other harsh feelings. As you correctly pointed out the previous post was primarily meant to attack a particular family & although it seemed to address the very valid issue (inconsistent responses by law enforcement & local Justice systems), the post instead simply focused on hurting families who were already hurting. I'm sure JB deleted because of the cruel undertones which were entirely too personal & of no public value.

The choice as to which information to delete or publish is difficult especially when it involves young people or friends of editors, Jb or even social connections. In my short time as an editor for the Free Press I know Jb has struggled to release information about law enforcement officer and or their families as well as his life long friends & veterans. However Jeff has worked hard to avoid the traps that plague the local paper and other media sources. Cover ups are not part of the forum and when asked I or other editors will do our best to investigate or answer questions about a local issue as factually as possible.

Please start the conversation - perhaps looking at issues rising from the prosecutors office might be a great place to start. Oddly, the issues surrounding MCS- schoolboard and Bolinger as well as the ever abundant drug problems in he community can be tied directly back to decisions from the prosecutor. Remember the prosecutor is an elected office; voters selected Chad Lewis- so let's hear what readers say about Mr. Lewis's decisions on issue such as child molestation, allegations of ghost employment against MCS's Mike Frazier, failure to respond in a timely fashion on domestic violence, drug abuse-dealing etc.

When posting about elected officials and those who take a public role in our community including public employees it's fine to use names but when addressing criminal acts it's important to remember if you use their name you must also use yours - otherwise your post will be deleted. Also regardless of whether you like a family or person please be as gentle as possible and avoid being vindictive. Unless of course you don't mind signing your name so we can all read exactly how big a mean spirited * * * you are.