To Village Idiot: You can sling all the mud you want but if it is posted here using names of people who did this or that: I will need some real facts that you have based your accusations on. Some of your post as village idiot is most likely true but you raise concerns about other reputable persons that may not even be involved in your claim. We did delete your post because it was not factual; if you want to re-post send us your IP address and some real facts. If you are trying to hurt the reputation of (someone) especially by saying things that are false or unfair —- it will not go here.

Jb - I'll send the proof to Tami if no one says who I am. Everything is true and I can prove it.

Tami, should we not let the real professionals handle an or the investigation of the accused. Are you self insured or what . I am sure you think you are a reporter but are you immune to a slander libel or defamation suit.

Can't be found guilty of slander or libel if information is TRUE. We'll just have to see if Village Idiot sends me info. JB is pretty strict about using private citizens name especially when that person is said to be implicated in the kind of activities taking place at MCS. If lawsuits worried me I wouldn't have accepted JBs request to help bring more hard core news & balance to the forum. But thank you for the kind thoughts & concern.

butnit is true that one of the hardest parts of any report for me is disclosing the names of people in our small community involved in the various questionable activities. Sometimes the truth is very ugly and it's heartbreaking to realize that someone I love, respect or simply just know has been involved in something that most of us can't imagine why s/he acted as occurred. I can't tell you the number of times I've been shocked and heartbroken to learn of such circumstances. We all make mistakes and luckily most of those mistakes only hurt & embarrass ourselves. But sometimes, there are those who cross a line & hurt and embarrass others and it's not an accident.

MCS is not a report over which I agonize because the hurt and damage to people is so immense and so very personal. This scandal extends far beyond wasting public tax dollars, negligent management or disregard for free speech & open discussions. This is deeply personal for so many. I couldn't believe the damage done to families until I was sent a list of teachers who were discharged, staff who were reassigned to lower paying jobs or dismissed because of their age. I was enraged to hear from parents who reported their child was & still is being treated poorly. I was shocked to hear from so many students who complained of a multitude of unethical actions that it was mind boggling. It was both harsh & yet inspirational to hear from people who are close to those who are accused - and yet still feel obligated to share the truth. To watch them struggle with concerns of loyalty & betrayal balanced against right & wrong- well...I simply had nothing to say besides thank you for sharing and that I admired their courage. So no, I have no concerns writing the truth...especially not this time because a very small group of 3-4 people are intentionally hurting others & expecting everyone to agree they are "only doing what's best".

Still haven't heard from Village idiot yet- but I'll let you know.

I think the most important thing to remember is that if the statements are true it's not slander or libel. And just because someone can't provide evidence that meets my uptight, straight A standard doesn't mean the statements are false. It most likely proves I can be a stubborn stickler for details and not that the person is lying or libel or slanderous in any way. So if the statements are true - then there's no claim.

But let's assume I discover they are inaccurate. Jb acted promptly and diligently when he had suspicions. There was no malice or intent on his part so he was not in anyway a part of the problem but rather a solution if there was a problem. Probably one of the greatest things about anonymous free speech is that unless someone has a court order & the dollars to pay an attorney & tech consultant it's going to be real tough to find out the location of the ip address from which the post originated, the device it was submitted on and who was using the device at the time of the post- not to mention the fact that JB does not save IP addresses and when the post was deleted , tracking that information became incredibly difficult. So no there won't be a successful libel/slander lawsuit against Village Idiot for the post that JB removed and for which VI must submit info to me to verify if the information is to go public.

That said VI has been in touch & it appears that many of the statements are entirely accurate based on videos & documents available both on the forum and/or held in my files in addition to VI's information. You might check the video of Meritt Alcorns presentation to the MCSBoard concerning the affidavits. Also read the affidavits as they provide excellent background. I'll chat with JB to see where he wants to go from here. Again thanks for the good questions- I know people often worry about whether or not their identities are protected. so your questions were both fair & valuable.

Regarding me- I'm careful to differentiate between a statement of fact and expressing an opinion. One can ask a question, refer to allegations or express an opinion and clearly not meet the standard for libel/slander. However if one makes a statement and reports it as fact then proof must be made available. If you are worried about how best to write a difficult post feel free to contact me. I'll share with you my attorney's advice regarding not just this news forum but other blogs and media for which I work or submit material.

I do not determine if something is false- I decide if there is enough of certain types of evidence to indicate it's true. The evidence often includes written or video & of course first hand knowledge. I do not accept second or third hand rumors & then report as fact. However I do report rumors that I suspect true but balance that by noting that a "rumor is floating." Although I wish it were as black & white as you convey- it simple isn't for me & I am often horrified to know what I know & very sad to report on many things. Jb sometimes must insist I be fair & report on those I know or about which I care just as I would someone who I have no connection or have a personal dislike. He says it's the Madison Free Press (forum) not the "*** courier ". He of course is correct.

I do not give JB legal advice. He has a different attorney than I. The only legal "advice" I give is: "don't just get an attorney, get the best attorney you can that is successful in your area of need."

If I understand the subtext of your post you find me arrogant or at least overconfident in my abilities & judgemental or maybe selfish by only allowing what I decide is true to be posted. You won't be the first to think me arrogant rather than confident in the accuracy of the post. That's ok because I hold a position of trust that requires me to be judgmental in order to do what JB & now many in the community ask. Obviously, I'm not hard core at all- but I do tend to cut through the "bullschit" excuses, lies & candy coatings. That comes at great cost to me. There is a difference between being mean & being honest- but some people do not think so. They would rather I not air our local "dirty laundry" & simply focus on the positive in our community. They may never have spoken to me in their life but are confident I am a cruel or mean person. I know we have talked & I believe you know what it's like to be judged harshly for the crime of honesty. I'm sorry that is so.

Finally, I am not proud of the fact that I do not report on the truly hard core & important issues in our community. We should all be made aware of the tragedies that surround us but I do not have the courage or patience to hear & write real life horror stories. Rape is all too common, so is spouse abuse. There is a rapidly growing number of children as victim of crimes - not just abuse or neglect but incest. I do not do suicide & murders; I write about white collar "crimes" & misconduct. I take the cowards, easy path so I don't cry at night. I'm sorry to disappoint you in so many ways and know that you are not the only one to think negatively of me because I do post the truth. Several years back, JB asked I help "get things on track", meaning get the forum Free Press away from rumors, discussions about financial or marital issues & petty vindictiveness. I believe the Free Press is much different & better than it once was & I am proud to have been among the many who helped JB meet his goals of being the most read & trusted news source in the area. He hasn't fired me yet & paid a visit yesterday to tell me he wanted a new story line along with MCS follow up. I am open to your suggestions -'perhaps you can co-write with me. Thanks for feedback