I want to take a moment to review recent comments regarding the MCS scandals & possible criminal investigations. There have been comments about this group or that person. Given the overwhelming evidence, anyone who attempts to describe this community wide effort as a small group who provides inaccurate information is gravely mistaken at best, incredibly dishonest at worst . Anyone who fails to recognize that there is a role for everyone, even those who were once opposition on school or other issues is intentionally diminishing the vast & sweeping nature of the anti-MCS admin effort. That is especially true of Ms. Bolinger who continues to alienate herself from the entire community by continually insulting & threatening the public.

Simply because Bolinger does not possess or wish to admit all the facts does not mean any person or group provided false information or that another is slandering her less than good name. There is in fact a vast array of organized, well led independent committees including retired MCS professionals, who are very familiar with the many incidents of alleged misconduct, unethical & criminal activity by the superintendent & Mike Frazier, Chief of Operations. However, WE are not just a small group of ex-employees. WE are among thousands who have witnessed harassment, have firsthand knowledge of unethical conduct & possess documents & videos which provide indisputable proof of statements & misconduct. WE are also those who have created petitions, marched in student protests, filed complaints with state agencies, notified & even spoken directly with regional press & television. WE also run well organized, effective social media sites which continually inform our local citizens. WE write letters to the editor. WE donate to ad campaigns, WE host public talk sessions & WE attend or speak at school board meetings. WE are most likely the largest majority of citizens in our community’s history to coordinate efforts for a single cause and WE are by far the vast majority of citizens in our community.

WE have repeatedly & clearly demonstrated Ms. Bollinger's flagrant disregard for the well-being of our children, teachers, school & our community. Ms. Bolinger continued efforts to convey inaccurate & dishonest information and also to intimidate & threaten those who speak honestly & openly is reckless & irresponsible, as is the board’s failure to terminate Ms. Bolinger for such behavior.

There have been serious charges levied against Ms. Bolinger & her Chief of Operations. Her continued efforts to silence critical input are harmful, if not dangerous to the public good. Successful school corporations not only encourage input but are grateful parents, students, teachers & the public express concerns & offer ideas. The free flow of ideas is essential to assuring such things as building safety & maintenance, maximizing benefit & effectiveness of tax dollars & promptly halting administrative misconduct, employee theft & unethical practices. WE as a community are deeply concerned & even frightened. Our school system cannot sustain as it currently is operating. The lack of public support & mistrust of administration has damaged not only the schools reputation but the community’s as well. WE cannot allow the superintend to continue along a path of destruction where valuable properties are intentionally left to crumble, well respected teachers & support staff are intimidated, administrative staff become possible suspects in criminal investigations & families flee our schools seeking safe haven in other systems. Regardless of what committee YOU work with, never let Bolinger or anyone else tell you that WE are a small group and never let anyone divide US by dismissing or blaming those working towards the same cause. #FireBolinger #VoteOutTheBoard

Ms. Bolinger is not a member of our community; she no longer lives her nor invests time in student & school programs. She has applied for, but unfortunately, yet understandably been denied employment elsewhere. She is fully aware of public opinion & clearly understands the next election will see various board members replaced by more independent thinking citizens who wish to repair the damage she has caused. They will begin with Bolinger's termination and there is no doubt of that outcome. However, until then our community will continue to clearly suffer vindictive decisions which further reduce the quality of our children’s education, lessen the safety & value of school buildings & assets and place the system at ongoing risk for criminal investigations. Clearly she knows her time is limited in this community & yet she spitefully continues to punish the majority that has spoken out instead of resigning with what is left of her dignity & soiled reputation.

I urge everyone to stay the course; continue to support other groups and all individuals & their unique efforts. Each step forward, no matter which person has led or how small or large has chipped away at the false & dangerous façade the board & Bolinger have put in place. WE will not get tired, WE will not be divided, WE will continue: even if it takes until November 2018