I am not aware of any rumors but I am aware of certain facts which have not been presented here or elsewhere. First the good news: the affidavits caused an investigation to begin. The bad news: in an apparent attempt to have the fox guard the hen house, Bolinger appointed one of her own MCS admin staff (Ms. Hensler) to investigate allegations of bid rigging & ghost employment. The allegations in the affidavit were confirmed by several persons.

I do not know whether the prosecutors office (Chad Lewis) will file charges against Mr. Frazier for ghost employment. But I do know that shortly after the affidavits were made public, Frazier allegedly stopped in to visit with Chad. I have been told but have not bothered to confirm that the purpose of Mr. Frazier's visit was to inform the prosecutor that he should not file against Frazier because supposedly according to Frazier everybody else is guilty of ghost employment not just him. I didn't bother to follow up because the last time I heard such an excuse it involved little Jimmy whining to his mommy about a friend being able to do something, followed by mom saying something about jumping off a cliff if everyone else did...

Finally, I realize the sarcasm is appreciated by many & disliked by others. Thanks for reading & I hope today the sarcasm made a simple & obvious point without me having to roll around in & report some very unpleasant realities.

It is a fact that a group of individuals feels an obligation to inform other communities & school boards of Bollinger's treachery & alleged misconduct. This group is in the process of gathering various documents, newspaper clippings & social media posts and forwarding them to school board members in the Indy area. The plan is to expand out to other counties -eventually reaching every school board member in the state. Perhaps that is why Ms.Bolinger was not hired by Pike where I am told she recently applied, I don't know.

By the way- if you or your group wish to convey any message to other school board members in other systems you may find their names & emails on their websites & attach whatever documents you may wish. I am just guessing but such disclosure and contact from parents and citizens would not reflect well during Bollinger's interview process. Of course if Bolinger had submitted her resignation there would be no reason for persons to pursue this approach. However, many believe that Bolinger is working hard to be spiteful and vindictive as examples the decisions to intentionally neglect EO Munice with the plan to close it and also Bollinger's efforts to interfere with persons employment outside not only the MCS school system but outside our county. (see Tami p3) These persons believe that if Bolinger intends to stay and make everyone's life miserable then there's no reason not to take the information to other systems to "warn them".

Rumor that Bolinger attempted to cause problems for an ex-MCS teacher who is now employed in the Switzerland County system is true. According to emails obtained through public records requests in Switzerland County, Bolinger was not happy about several social media posts by an ex-MCS teacher, she reached out to Switzerland County's superintendent wanting to discuss whether the teachers post were "appropriate." The good news is the teacher is still employed by Switzerland County & their superintendent doesn't have a problem with free speech.

It seems to me that the school board & Bollinger's plan to "wait it out" in hopes the public will tire of the same conversation over & over has backfired. The public has been speaking for more than a year. The once small group did not "stop complaining", instead they are now an incredibly large & diverse collection of students, parents, teachers, administrators & concerned citizens. In addition "digging in her heels" & failing to listen to the public has resulted in the public taking matters into their own hands. Surely even Ginger realizes that if only one document made into the hands of school board members from other systems that her reputation would be called into question & hiring committees would be forced to consider the amount of frustration it would take to cause citizens to take such action. It seems obvious that just because people are not complaining in public as loudly or as often that its not because they are loosing focus or giving up- but rather they are seeking ways to inflict change. Its a big step for people to air Gingers dirty laundry to other systems. Maybe something will happen that will encourage Ginger to move on before she not only destroys MCS but her own reputation as well, stranger things have happened.

Rumors about Carl Glesing fighting the closing of EO Munice are true. Contrary to Carl's recent remarks, he has not always supported closing EO Muncie. In fact Carl is aware of many facts which prove closing EO Munice would be a very poor decision.

Larry Henry will be sending a video of Carl at a school board work session for JB to review and consider whether to post or not. The video doesn't solve the problem of a belligerent school board and will not likely impact the closure of EO Muncie. But it does show, once again, the deceit and dishonesty that exists in our local school board. There is no plausible, positive explanation for Carl's behavior; the video is very dam*ing evidence and this is very small town.

thanks for reading- if I missed any rumors just email me or JB and I will do my best to get the facts to you. Tami

Here's a quick time line of Mr. Glesing on E.O. Muncie

May 4, 2016--adamantly against closing E.O. Muncie and reopening Anderson.
December 14,2016 votes against motion to close E.O. Muncie and reopen Anderson.
January 11, 2017...makes motion to close E.O. Muncie and re-open Anderson.
What changed between May 2016, December 2016 and just weeks later January 2017???