Despair over Disrepair

Are these properties a complete loss or absence of hope? Can you remember? Close your eyes and remember the beauty. Can you see the grandeur, the beauty of these once magnificent pieces of history? They are in disrepair and have long awaited proper attention or burial.-

Their glory days are gone for now. So, what do we do?

Never paid much attention to the money give-away except saw people driving brand new sixty thousand dollar vehicles getting free money and friend of friends who really don't have a need getting pockets full of our "making our community a better place to live money".

If your just going to pass around free money I need a new truck and MJ needs a new pair of shoes.

I own one of those eye sores on Main Street poured tons of money in it, didn't ask for help - ran out of money. I guess if I kissed enough ass - money would have come my way.

What do we do....? Look around, some property owners that no one else would take on could probable use a hand-up but are too proud to go before a board of "I'm better than you" to beg in public for welfare.

If these PACE people are really interested in our city ugly falling down buildings they need bring their heads down to ground level with.

The real reason we have blight or what ever you call it started at cityhall years ago with the unchecked power of those with no common sense and maybe corrupt business practices like Eckert and Huntington's MIDCOR. We ended up with a downtown that is a ghost town with its infrastructure falling apart.

Friends of cityhall and MIDCOR began moving from board to board and appointing their friends to more boards and then their friends doing the same. We ended up with a giant monster doing much harm and very little good.. I don't think these incentives are the best way to use tax money because there is no income requirement . I agree there are better ways. But right now lick luddington and Jan vethrus are having tantrums, be wise they will probably get it.

Short story: If you don't happen to be in the Ludington Vethrus club this is what happens to many homeowners/property owners here in Mad Town. First you have to go before the board in person and ask please can I do some repair-upgrade on my home.

I needed to do some "repair" on my home but I did not appear before god to ask if I could and also not a member of "I know what's best for you" club.

The "I know what's best club" for you and your money patrolling the city in golf carts or on foot spotted me doing some work. Next comes the building inspector with a Stop Work Order to paste on my home repair. Not being a member of the "in-club" the building inspector was accompanied by two Madison Police officers to insure that I comply.

Being the good citizen that I am and not a club member, I asked - what's the problem, building inspector states "I saw you putting up a "new" board. I again asked who's complaining - inspector replies I am and you need to go before the board.

I really felt sorry for the building inspector knowing it was not his idea to visit me, plus bringing those officers with him. One of the officers, a personal friend of mine just hung his head down in disbelief. Knowing the inspector was ordered by the assholes in cityhall to visit me.

This is an example of the historic people and the money give-away people "Madison Indiana" crazies supported by city-hall.

If the city is truly interested in policing themselves and wanting the citizens of Madison to get on board with their PACE and hysterical board; they need to dump those who caused this mess to begin with and replace with common sense people.
How about the scam of the RDC and the TIF slush fund? The TIF money could be put to good use to "Make Our City Great Again"; it's our tax money and should not be handed out to big cooperation's. Take a look at the people on the TIF/RDC boards?????

A post from the forum:
I honestly blame the historic board for all the burned out, blighted and near collapse buildings we have. They refuse to allow normal repairs and redevelopment. People buy a home in need of repairs. The realtor is too focused on the commission to sit down and explain they’ll need to get permission to install new windows and put siding on. No one tells these poor folks they’ll have to stand up in public and be shamed for not spending thousands more on materials that are “historically” accurate instead of materials that give the same historical appearance. That’s why people give up, that’s why they walk away. Nothing has done more to hurt historic preservation than the historic board members of the last 10 years. I say bulldoze or burn all those buildings and start fresh.